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Warrawee Passive House

A collaborative design with heritage complexities.
Warrawee, NSW 2074


Embark on the journey of constructing a certified passive house with a strong focus on exceptional energy efficiency, uniquely tailored for a family of five. This collaborative project involves meticulous design efforts, considering the distinctive site shape and heritage complexities. With a construction budget ranging from $1 million to $1.2 million (excluding landscape and approvals), our mission is to create a sustainable and comfortable living space.

Design & Approvals

The Warrawee Passive House is strategically positioned on an existing subdivided lot, discreetly tucked behind the heritage-protected Exley House. This location presented a significant design challenge, necessitating adherence to both heritage item regulations and council approval requirements. Our design was meticulously crafted to follow the land slope and orientation, allowing the construction of Sydney’s first passive house with a remarkable 2.5m cantilever. This innovative structure is fully insulated and complies with rigorous passive house standards.


Beyond the usual intricacies of securing council approval, the primary challenge of this project revolved around the groundbreaking 2.5m cantilever. The Marvel Homes construction team, collaborating closely with engineers and passive house consultants, ingeniously devised solutions to insulate and ensure the cantilever met passive house compliance. This strategic approach was crucial in maximizing the build size on the land while considering the significant impact on design height and shape imposed by the heritage-listed Exley House—an influential factor in shaping the distinctive design of the Warrawee Passive House.

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project details

Architectural style

Modern with minimalist features

designed & constructed by

Marvel Homes

Approvals pathway

DA (Development Approval Council)


Built area

Lot width


318 sqm
Greater then 2m


tree impacted


flood impacted



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