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How Does Marvel Homes Manage Home Build Variations?

At Marvel Homes we have a transparent and structured approach to managing custom home build variations, ensuring you are fully informed and aware of the costs involved in any changes or additional work.

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Building a passive house requires careful planning.

If you are considering Marvel Homes as your builder, it is essential to know how variations will be handled and controlled. We pride ourselves on transparency and work collaboratively with every client to ensure there are no cost blowouts or surprises.

Variations are defined as changes to the original plan or scope of work, and they can arise from many factors, including client requests, construction concerns, or council approvals.

In this article, we will discuss how our team manages variations to provide a clear understanding and set expectations when building your home with Marvel Homes.

Client Variations

Sometimes, clients may have additional requests or scope changes after the construction plans have been signed off and onsite work has commenced. To manage these client variations, we provide a detailed quote for any additional work or change requests. This quote is provided once the additional scope is known, ensuring clients have a full understanding of the costs involved before proceeding.

We value transparency and clear communication at Marvel Homes, ensuring our clients are fully informed and aware of any additional costs they may incur due to scope changes. Our goal is to ensure our clients are satisfied with their final build, and we work closely with you throughout the process to ensure your vision is achieved within budget.

Site-Specific Conditions Variations

Each construction site is unique and may present challenges that weren’t apparent during the planning phases. This can lead to construction variations. Examples include complex foundation requirements or the uncovering of a complicated site slope once the existing house is demolished and soil removed.

To manage these variations, Marvel Homes limits site-specific variations to the foundation stage only. This ensures that any unforeseen challenges related to excavation or retaining walls are managed through a variation process that is clearly communicated. However, after the foundation stage, we fix the build cost price for all our clients, managing works through a fixed-price contract, meaning no additional variations from slab to completion.

After the foundation stage we manage works through a fixed-price contract.”

This process is primarily designed for sloping and complex sites, where there is an increased risk of construction variations. For flat, simple sites, Marvel Homes can price-fix construction variations, giving peace of mind and eliminating the surprise of additional build costs.

Approvals Variation

Approval variations are related to the Development Application (DA) consent conditions, which council nominates on each build. Marvel Homes will quote any additional costs associated with DA consent conditions, ahead of time, and prior to construction commencement. This ensures our clients are fully aware of the costs involved in council approvals and can manage their expectations accordingly.

At Marvel Homes, we believe that variations should not be viewed negatively, as a custom build is unique and complex. On some projects, variations can be necessary to achieve the best outcome for clients. We encourage open communication to ensure clients are comfortable with any changes they wish to make.

To summarise our response to the initial question, ‘how do we manage variations’, at Marvel Homes we have a transparent and structured approach to managing variations, ensuring you are fully informed and aware of the costs involved in any changes or additional work. We aim to provide our clients with the best possible outcome for their build, and we believe that variations are often necessary to achieve this. If you have any questions or concerns regarding variations, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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