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Our projects

Walk through our completed passive house builds in 3D.

Marvel offers a proven track record in energy efficient builds. Explore our portfolio of projects that showcase the future of home design and embrace a greener lifestyle. Our 3D walk throughs allow you to navigate spaces that blend sleek interiors with cutting-edge passive home design principles.

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View our passive house projects in 3D.

Featured Projects

Croydon Passive House

A seamless open plan design connecting the outdoors with the indoors on an exceptionally narrow block.

Warrawee Passive House

A collaborative design with heritage complexities.

Gledswood Hills House

A modern, energy efficient home designed for multi-generational living.

Lilyfield Passive House

An energy-efficient home abundant in natural light with steep site complexity.

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Sydney's Leading Passive House Builder

As Sydney's environment is humid and changing, we believe family homes need to be sustainable and climate resilient. Choosing a passive home build is an investment in your health and your future.

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