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Everything you need to know about passive house building In Australia

Designing and building a passive house is a complex process. From design advice, to information on planning your build, explore expert advice from the Marvel Homes team.
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passive house pricing

Pricing Q&A

Explore cost-effective solutions for your dream passive house. Demystify pricing, budgeting, and financial incentives, ensuring your eco-friendly home is also economically viable.

Question & Answer

How much should I budget for a passive house?

Our Passive house builds range from $2800 to $3800 per sqm with top-level inclusions, finishes, CDC approval fees and custom design costs. Read more…

Question & Answer

can you do quotes? we would like a rough idea on costs.

Initial quotes can be vague, so we offer feasibility proposals instead. The project's success starts at the early stages, so this approach protects your time and investment from the beginning.

Question & Answer

can your designs be modified to suit my budget?

Our Passive house builds range from $2800 to $3800 per sqm with top-level inclusions, finishes, CDC approval fees and custom design costs. Read more…

Question & Answer

how do you manage variations?

There are 3 types of variations: client variations, construction variations and approvals variations. Read more…

Question & Answer

can you incorporate as many passive house principles as our budget allows?

A Passive house is a set of principles in building more energy, heathy and sustainable homes. These principles are based on specific equations, materials and construction details. Doing just enough, to what the budget allows, will cause more risk to your project final outcome than good. In our experience, it’s best to reduce the house footprint and build it right from the first time. Read more…

Question & Answer

if passive house is not possible within our budget, i am willing to go for a high performance build. what's your advice?

In theory it sounds like a fair and reasonable approach. From our experience it creates room for disputes and more critical room for design complications, when high performance house are built, there has to be modelling carried out to ensure the property is we ventilated for the occupants. Therefore, we suggest reducing the design or looking at our online designs, they start from $650K.

designing a passive house

design Q&A

Dive into the world of innovative and efficient passive house designs. Learn how aesthetic appeal merges with functionality in our sustainable architectural concepts.

Question & Answer

do you build on sloping sites?

Yes, we can build on sloping sites.

Question & Answer

can you assist me with some designs that may suit my property?

Of course. If you would appreciate better financial control over your build costs, we recommend starting with one of our pre-designed passive house models. These designs have been pre-costed, ready to be personalised to your needs.

Question & Answer

do you build custom homes?

Yes, we are a custom home builder. We work with architect supplied plans. Marvel Homes Passive House Designs can also be modified to meet client site requirements.

Question & Answer

how do you manage thermal bridging?

A thermal bridge occurs when steel members act as an energy bridge between the interior and the exterior of a building. This can be minimised at the design stage either by reducing the steel through a clever design solution or by using special insulation material to break the energy bridge.

Question & Answer

how do you manage humidity?

Sydney can experience high humidity. To manage the humidity, we carry out a detailed PHPP report (Passive House Planning Package). Based on our findings, we install the best equipment suitable for your home.We typically use a centralised HRV/ERV, ducted air-conditioning and a ducted dehumidifier.

Question & Answer

how do you manage designs and approvals?

We have a feasibility proposal guide. It’s a step-by-step process to carefully navigate the early stages of a custom build.

Question & Answer

what type of hrv do you use?

We currently work with Stiebel Eltron, Dantherm or MAICO.

Question & Answer

what type of windows are used in a passive house?

We use uPVC double-glazed windows made locally in Sydney. This gives you better service during and after the build if windows need maintenance in the future.

Question & Answer

can you work on heritage-impacted sites?

Yes, we have experience with heritage-impacted sites.

Question & Answer

can you work on flood-impacted land?

Yes, we can work on flood-impacted sites and modify our designs to suit your site conditions.

Question & Answer

what kind of battery storage do you offer?

We offer provisions for battery storage so that you can connect your preferred option. We can also offer advice on battery storage selection for your home.

Question & Answer

do you have passive house designs for narrow lots?

Yes, we modify our designs and can work on small, tight sites. Check out our pre-certified Passive House Designs.

the sustainability of a passive house

Sustainability Q&A

Understand the environmental impact of passive housing. We discuss sustainable materials, energy efficiency, and the ecological footprint of building a greener future.

Question & Answer

can you just build a highly energy-efficient home?

We prefer to achieve certification, which gives our clients peace of mind. Healthier living today and future value when the property is required to be sold along with a certificate.

Question & Answer

can you achieve a passive house with the designs of an architect who hasn't done a passive or energy-efficient house?

We need to review the plans and assess the quality and detail of the drawings. Contact us for a discussion.

Question & Answer

can we use passive solar design and passive house-building principles to achieve an efficient build of 8+ stars on our budget?

Passive Solar is different from Passive House and NatHERS principles. Similarly, they all talk about the same science of energy efficiency. The difference is Passive house is tested and measured on the field and holds the builder accountable.

about marvel homes

Marvel Homes Q&A

Get insights into Marvel Homes, Sydney's leading passive house builder. Find answers to your queries about our processes, expertise, and commitment to building sustainable, high-quality homes.

Question & Answer

do you have much experience as a new home builder?

Marvel Homes brand was established in 2018. Our director and site manager come from engineering backgrounds with serious technical experience. Read our story.

Question & Answer

can we hear more about your process?

Yes, reach out and we can discuss current and finished project, and share our learnings with you.

Question & Answer

do you certify your passive house builds?

Yes, all our Passive House builds are certifiable. This gives peace of mind to our clients with the added benefit of future-proofing the asset with the certificate for future sale.

Question & Answer

do you build under the new green home certification?

Passive House super exceeds green homes certifications. The green home certification is more targeted at large-scale project homes, which follow the same principle to a degree as that of Passive House, but it’s mainly a scheme to help the big operators adopt and change.

marvel homes

Sydney's Leading Passive House Builder

As Sydney's environment is humid and changing, we believe family homes need to be sustainable and climate resilient. Choosing a passive home build is an investment in your health and your future.

we build to passive house standards

more about passive house building

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