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Passive House Designs

From first concept to finalisation, your home will reflect your lifestyle, your vision, as well as the most stringent ISO9001 and Passive House building standards. Each design takes cues from the space they occupy, with passive house compliant building materials, reduced steel and reduced construction complexity. For the good of the planet and the good of your electricity bill, it’s the details that make a difference.

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A Home You Can Be Proud Of

Select from our pre-certified passive house designs that deliver energy efficiency and value. Our builds are backed by process, delivering efficiency and value. No messy handovers, no surprises and budget blowouts – we know the road ahead and we stay the course. 


An Environmental Partnership

The environment matters to us and it matters to you. We’ve taken care of the modelling, healthy material choices and consultants upfront, ensuring your build is a certified passive house design that adheres to stringent healthy home standards.

What our clients say

“Being a first home buyer we wanted to build a home that is built right the first time. We were inundated by plenty of info on the internet and information sessions on various topics related to first home, build and various horror stories. During this process we stumbled across Marvel homes… They were patient enough to listen to and answer all our queries and they would back this up by encouraging us to verify those answers from other sources ourselves. 

Marvel Homes were flexible and worked in collaboration with us to build our new home. We found the passive house build process informative, assuring and flexible enough to get our ideas into the house building process. Thank you Marvel Homes…. We loved having you as our Builder. Highly recommend!”

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Efficiency From The Ground Up

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Our philosophy for home design is for maximum comfort and minimum impact on our planet. We can work with your own design or start from one of our designs. We are passive house trade certified builders and adhere to the National Construction Code. Need a Green Star or NatHERS STAR system? Let us know. Every box is ticked so you can sleep soundly while we build your dream.

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Good design comes from the land on which it stands, with all its character and all its complexities. Heritage trees and sloping blocks aren’t obstacles to overcome; they’re part of our inspiration.

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Our Process

Throughout our process, you’ll be presented with design options, all pre-selected for compliance. We’ve consolidated years of experience and expertise into compliant passive house designs inclusive of the strictest ISO9001 standards. Make your build process easier and your everyday living easy with a home built to passive house standards.

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Sydney's Leading Healthy Home Builder

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As Sydney’s environment is humid and changing, we believe family homes need to be sustainable and climate resilient.  Choosing a passive home build is an investment in your health and your future.

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