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Our passive house builds take their design cues from the space they occupy, for the good of the planet and the good of your electricity bill. It’s the details that make a difference.

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My brother and I are engineers. During our careers we found ourselves reviewing projects where families were paying big money for what we considered to be bare minimum build standards. Marvel Homes was born out of this industry discontent – both of us wanted to build homes that confront real life challenges – like energy demands, climate volatility, and healthy home requirements. 

At Marvel Homes our core focus is building healthy homes that are backed by science and a proven standard – the certified passive house standards. By understanding engineering science and the building industry, we are able to provide solutions that make healthy home builds accessible to every day families like yours.

For us, every build is building a healthier community for our families and future generations. Every build, creating a build standard that we believe should be Australia’s new normal.


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