Save Energy, Live Comfortably: Make Your Home Airtight

The easiest way to make your home comfortable, healthy and energy efficient is to wrap and seal it with modern airtight technologies.

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Save Energy, Save Money, Save The Planet

The way we heat and cool our homes is changing: modern technologies offer us the ability to create an airtight home that facilitates healthy air, comfort and reduced energy bills. Say goodbye to drafts in winter, stuffy rooms in summer and brutal energy bills that hurt your wallet, and the planet.

Airtight Insulation

Keep the air inside your home healthy and fresh. Say ‘no’ to mould, pests and pollution.


An airtight home reduces energy use, converting your home into a lean, green machine.


Minimise external noise infiltration and get a better night’s sleep.


Improved insulation and airtight sealing makes your home more comfortable all year long.


Airtight construction also help your home’s timber frame stand the test of time.


Minimise energy loss and ensure your home is operating efficiently.

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Create An Airtight Home

Our dedicated team of specialists will work closely with you, ensuring that every aspect of your home is sealed using Pro Clima products. We apply the same techniques that we use for building certified Passive Homes to achieve targets as tight as 0.6ACH.


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Airtight Building Specialists

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Is your home in the process of being built? Our Airtight service helps you create an airtight build at a critical stage of the home build process.

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